Effortlessly create Lightning channels

Flow leverages Lightning Lab's Pool, allowing users to easily purchase channels from other nodes on the network.

Create Channels Now

With Flow, we move one step closer to easy liquidity on Lightning. Effortlessly get inbound and outbound capacity for nodes.

No Setup or Maintenance

No more Pool account creations and hassled expirations. Channel creation is easier than ever.


Keep your onchain footprint private. Use our UTXOs, not your own.

Inbound & Outbound Capacity

Easily get inbound and outbound capacity for yourself or others.


Create channels faster than ever

Start using Pool with no account setup or maintenance.

Easy to use API and Dashboard (coming soon).

Purchase channels directly from other users, no central node.

Purchase funding on both sides of the channel.

Increase onchain privacy.

Create channels for your users

Corporate Accounts can easily order in bulk.

Give out channels to your users for rewards or onboarding.

Get capacity without locking up your own funds.

Bootstrap new products and services.

Complete streamline of channels.

Low cost inbound and outbound liquidity.



Lease channels either small or large in an affordable way.


    Get a free channel with every new Voltage node.
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Single Order
3 %

of Pool fees + 500 sats

    Open a channel to any node on the network.
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Corporate Account
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    Create unlimited channels and receive 1 invoice at the end of the month.
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We accept Bitcoin, Lightning, and Credit Cards.

Simple and Straightforward

Whether you need channels for yourself or others, Flow is tailored to work for you.

Eliminating Complexity

Easy installations and no maintenance. Streamline channel management and build great products with no worries.

Enterprise Ready

Our products are made for mission-critical Lightning deployments with zero hassle, and incredible support.


Quickly facilitate channel openings with no wasted time. Effortless user experience for Lightning channel creation.

Open Channels Today

Get immediate access to Pool by Lightning Labs with the easiest setup available. Generate Sidecar Tickets, match and get your channel.

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