Updated: August 4, 2023
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Announcing Voltage Startup Program

Ready to Get Started

Get started building with the Lightning Network Today.


Key Takeaways

We are pumped to share that we are kicking off our Startup Program where we are supporting early-stage companies that are building on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. It’s incredibly important to foster innovation and support companies that are pushing the limits. The best way we can do our part is by offering free credits to the Voltage platform for these startups.

Financing your idea or startup can be incredibly challenging, not to mention the burden of running your Lightning infrastructure while doing a million other things. You shouldn’t be slowed down from launching your idea. We want to make it easy for founders to build.

Voltage removes the complexity for startups and small teams by helping cover those costs for the first year. Not only that, we will be supporting each startup offering up to 5 hours of implementation support and helping to get onboarded and going.

There are two types of startups that can leverage the program:

  • Ideation Stage – building out your proof of concept
  • Growth Stage – developed an idea and working to get more users.

If you have a project that meets either of these criteria, we would love to hear from you. You can apply today.

Initial Partnerships

We are proud to kick off our Startup program in a strategic partnership with two respected startup accelerators/incubators.

Pleb Lab_ and DraperX Bitcoin Studio.

Ham G. Kayan, the CEO of DraperX, says: “We’re glad to be an early partner of Voltage’s Startup Program and believe more will still be built on Bitcoin. Access to Voltage’s infrastructure solutions is essential for fast-forwarding Bitcoin Adoption”.

Pleb Lab_ creates an incredible opportunity for founders with their deep network of mentors and industry peers. Pleb Lab_ brings assistance in product direction, PR, business strategy, marketing, and legal. Located in Austin, Pleb Lab_ leverages the Austin Bitcoin Club and its community which is one of the best and brightest Bitcoin communities in the world. Here’s to the rule breakers, the misfits, not the status quo. Here’s to the Plebs!

DraperX Bitcoin Studio is a 3-month program for teams building on, around, and for Bitcoin. It backs hyper-bitcoinization by supporting teams that make Bitcoin not only a firm asset class, but also a global payment network, global money network, and, eventually, a global social network.

The Startup Program launches today, if you qualify please apply here.

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