Startup Program

Creating a startup is hard. We want to help in the best way we can. This program was made to help new startups by offering free credits to the Voltage platform. We wanted to create a system where early-stage and growth ideas could receive the support they need to get their product or service off the ground.

The last thing you need is more things to manage, especially when it comes to critical infrastructure for your product. By leveraging Voltage, you can focus on your business. We’ll handle Lightning. Our goal was to remove that complexity and cover the entire first year of cost (up to $5,000) for projects that needed some help in those early and growth stages.

Ideation Stage

If you are early in your idea and are trying to build out your concept, we want to hear from you. Get access to startup support experts when it comes to setting up your Enterprise-ready infrastructure, getting liquidity, and monitoring your node. We will support you in building a supercharged infrastructure that is reliable and battle-tested for your upcoming growth. Focus on your product, we got your back.

Growth Stage

If your idea is fleshed out and developed and you’re trying to grow, this is the plan for you. We provide a host of benefits including node infrastructure, liquidity help, and much more. Our startup program is designed to give you the right mix of tools, resources, and support to help you optimize the performance of your scaling infrastructure.

What Voltage will Provide:

  • $2,500 worth of credits for the Ideation stage
  • $5,000 worth of credits for the Growth stage
  • 5 hours monthly of support/implementation/planning

Credits expire after 12 months

Apply Below

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