Updated: March 28, 2022

How to start using the Lightning Network

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Get started using the Lightning Network easily with our easy setup node service. We make Lightning easy for everyone.

If you are a business or entrepreneur and you want to start using the Lightning Network, it is not likely that going to Github, and downloading the latest client is your thought process. At Voltage, we have created an easy product that allows you to get set up in minutes with your own node so that you can send and receive payments. This is incredibly valuable for startups, active businesses, and large enterprises alike. There is a start-up cost to set up your own Lightning node, not to mention a technical learning curve that immediately makes it a non-starter for many businesses. This is where Voltage comes into play. We make the infrastructure easy.

Get started in minutes with Lightning

We have made it easy to integrate Bitcoin and the Lightning Network with any project or business. Our nodes are able to be quickly set up so that you can integrate payments quickly. Best of all, our product is designed so that you can scale as you grow. Our simple dashboard makes it easy to manage and maintain your Lightning payments without having to learn all of the technical in and outs of setup, maintenance, and backups.

You have control

When you create a noncustodial node with Voltage there are some benefits that you can have peace of mind about. First, when you create your seed and password, we NEVER have access to it. Second, all of your sensitive files are encrypted on your client-side, protecting your data. Third, backups are taken frequently and are ready for download at any time for your peace of mind. Most importantly, our dashboard is open source give you transparency.

Easy integration of Lighting Payments

We make integrating Lightning into your business stack as simple as possible. We give you a unique DNS record for your API endpoints. You can generate your own QR code or connection string to connect to your node, and IP restriction capabilities can block unauthorized access. Another great feature is the ability to connect multiple applications in different places for an incredible user experience.  Lastly, we integrate with virtually all Lightning Network software that leverage the LND API’s.

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