We make Lightning easy.

Voltage offers enterprise-grade Lightning Network node hosting.
Build, deploy, and scale faster with Voltage.

Create your node

With Voltage, you can get on the Lightning Network faster and easier than ever before. Let your team focus on building great products. Let us handle the nodes.

Always On

Nodes run 24/7 with redundancy built in. Send and receive payments anytime, anywhere without worry.

Easy Integration

You get direct access to the LND gRPC and/or REST API. You can connect from your favorite wallets and tools.

Zero Management

We take on the headaches of node management. We'll tackle things like backups, networking, and version upgrades for you.

Noncustodial Nodes

You will always have total control

You create the seed and password. We never see it.

Sensitive files are encrypted to your password client-side.

Backups are taken frequently and are ready for download.

Adjust your settings how you want.


Our nodes are ready for anything

Webhook Integration

Built-in Redundancy

One-click Upgrades

Geographical Zones

API Security Policies

Easy Integration

Connect to your node from anywhere

Simple Connection

Unique DNS record for your API endpoint.

Generate a QR code or connection string to connect to your node.

IP Restriction capabilities to block unauthorized access

Connect from multiple applications in different places.

Integrate with virtually all Lightning Network software that leverages the LND APIs.

Endless Possibilities

No matter what your business needs, we can help. We specialize in making custom solutions for a range of use cases. Whether you need 1 node or 1,000 nodes, it's possible on Voltage.

Secure and Scalable

Our infrastructure is built for the most advanced setups. You can rest easy knowing your nodes are safe and have room to grow.

Enterprise Ready

We have a variety of products that are ideal for mission-critial Lightning deployments. With Voltage, even the biggest businesses can start integrating the Lightning Network quickly and with no hassle.


Let our team manage the servers so your team can focus on shipping product. Don't waste your resources starting from zero. Get up to speed faster.

Start building on Lightning

Using the Lightning Network has never been easier. Build, deploy, and scale faster with the Voltage platform.

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