Know Your Node

Get better insights and alerts about your node. Surge helps node runners find problems, increase reliability, and optimize operations.

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Node Visibility Over Time

It’s critical to see what’s happening in your node historically and not just a point in time. Surge is designed to provide insights and recommendations that can only be achieved with time-series data.

Find Bad Peers

Visualize your peers' connectivity over time. Easily find peers that aren’t stable and improve your node’s reliability. Streamline increasing your node’s efficiency.

Analyze Transactions

Quickly find transactions from last week or last year. Effortlessly keep track of inbound and outbound payments, fees and routing, UTXOs and more. Maintain your vital information without thinking about it.

Alert on Issues

Get notified when problems happen. Turn on alerts for things that are important to you. Never miss out on critical information that requires fast resolution.

Visualize Logs

View your logs side-by-side with your metrics. Easily parse through logs to find problems and resolve them faster. View access logs to find exactly what API calls are made when.

Additional Features

Transaction History

Efficiently view and analyze transactions to better understand usage and flows.

Routing Information

Easily get information on your node’s routing activity. Forwards, Fees, Volume, and more.

UTXOs Management

Visualize your onchain wallet’s addresses and balances. Know exactly where your funds are.

Access Logs

See exactly what RPC call was made when. Increase your security and auditing capabilities with ease.

OS Metrics

Get information about your node’s environment as well. Find problems outside your node too.

SCB Backup

Rest easy knowing your Static Channel Backups are safely stored in a remote location.

How We Stack Up


Spend weeks creating and configuring systems that will require maintenance and upgrades forever.

Slow Setup

It takes weeks for a team to create the necessary tooling for Lightning.

Maintenance Burden

Your team gets bogged down with endless updates and fixes.

Wasted Time

Engineering resources could be better spent on building your products.

High Cost

Usage can get out of hand which will result in large bills and unexpected costs.

Using Surge

Let your team focus on your product and leave the hard parts to us.

Simple Setup

Start using Surge in a few minutes with very easy installation.

Zero Maintenance

Virtually no maintenance for your team. Set it and forget it.

Save Time

Let your team get back to work instead of wasting hours watching your node.

Low Cost

Save money by letting us handle the monitoring with predictable pricing.