Updated: August 3, 2023

Announcing Voltage x Human Rights Foundation Partnership

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Key Takeaways

The Human Rights Foundation and Voltage are proud to partner on an initiative to help dissidents and NGOs accept Bitcoin donations more quickly, easily, and safely.

HRF currently works with volunteers from the BTCPay team to help dissidents and NGOs integrate BTCPay into their web presence to accept Bitcoin donations directly.

Voltage will support this effort with easy-to-maintain BTCPay Server instances, inbound and outbound liquidity for lightning donations, and troubleshooting and technical support.

Why this matters: Managing hardware node infrastructure can be challenging. Liquidity and updates can take hours to manage. Voltage eliminates this friction for users. 

HRF and BTCPay Server experts will remain the helping hands that activists actively speak with. Voltage will partner on the back end, making node management, liquidity, uptime, and troubleshooting simple and easy.

Voltage is building infrastructure that maximizes the ability of enterprises, civil society organizations, and individuals alike to utilize the full value that Bitcoin and Lightning Network create to enable decentralized and instant payments.

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