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#SATSx Hackathon – Sponsored by Voltage


This last weekend in Austin Texas the #SATSx Hackathon took place in the new Bitcoin Commons. 30 Bitcoin Developers from around the nation came together to participate in the first Pleblab hosted Hackathon.

The event kicked off with an open statement from Pleblab CEO Kyle Murphy. Next Ben Carman, Super Testnet and Tony led a discussion about some of the type of projects that they wanted to see over the weekend. Then our very own Paul Miller gave a rundown over the Lightning infrastructure that we were able to supply for the event. To conclude Lisa Neigut from Blockstream and Base58 led an educational session for all of the attendees.

Day 2 started a bit slow as many teams stayed up until late night and early morning.  The hackathon continued until 4pm when teams started presenting.

Scroll below the photos to see participants, winners, and video recaps.

Presentation and awards time:

Participants of the hackathon included:

And the winners were….

Most On-Theme – Whisper Village – Chris, Kiki, & Super Testnet

Most Usable – graphBTC – Lisa & Dillon

Most Ambitious – DLCs on greenlight – Ben & Justin

Most Adversarial – Bitcoin Dev Shop – Tony Giorgio & Paul Miller

Best OverallPleb.FM – Stephen, Alex, & Asher

Overall was an awesome event. We hope to have more of the team there at future hackathons. We appreciate Kyle and the crew for giving us an opportunity to sponsor and support such a great event. Thanks to ThrillerBitcoin and Car for letting us leverage the content to recap as well.

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