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Announcing Nostr support on Voltage with NIP05, Lightning Address, and Zaps


Voltage has launched support for Nostr! We’ve been eagerly watching and participating in the build-out of the Nostr ecosystem. Now, we’re excited to offer our own services to boost the community.

Nostr Toolkit


NIP05 is a DNS-based verification spec that helps validate you are a real user. This helps prevent fake accounts from imitating you while making your profile easier to find.

As part of our Nostr services, we are enabling users to create their own NIP05 identifier at our domain. This allows everyone to create a simple identifier instead of copy/pasting your pubkey everywhere.


Zaps are lightning receipts on Nostr that allow clients to display lightning payments from one user to another.

Once you’ve created your NIP05 domain, we allow you to connect your node to your Identifier to start receiving Zaps to your own node! This can be a node inside of Voltage or outside of Voltage.

Lightning Address

It is like an email address, but for your Bitcoin. Send btc instantly over Lighting network.

Once you’ve hooked up your node to your Identifier to start receiving Zaps, your NIP05 is automatically a Lightning Address as well! This means you can not only use your NIP05 inside of Nostr, but also anywhere that supports Lightning Address.

Get Started

We are excited to be bringing to ability to receive non-custodial payments to your own node while still getting the easy to use tools like Lightning Address and Zaps. Now when you see someone with a domain you know they are taking custody of their own funds and are an active participant in the network.

Best of all, these tools are all free to use! This is a ‘phase 1’ in our Nostr journey so be on the look our for more to come.

Go claim your own NIP05 Identifier by visiting We look forward to seeing you in the Nostrverse! Follow us at