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Impervious Hack for Freedom 2021 – Rundown

The month of August was an incredible one at – The team put on a Hack for Freedom 2021 event that started on August 4th, 2021, and ended on August 20th, 2021 for Demo Day. Voltage had the privilege of providing nodes for the event, it was an incredible time and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the outcome.

Entrants had the chance to build applications on the Impervious API and were competing for $25,000 in Bitcoin. The purpose was to demo high-impact use cases of streaming data in a p2p way that counters censorship and surveillance. The judges of the event were, Christopher Calicott from Trammell Venture Partners, Hank Thomas from Strategic Cyber Ventures, and Brian Murray from Craft Ventures.Below we break down the top 6 demo’s from the Hackathon!

Coming in 6th – Arcade City

(website) , (twitter) – ($1,000 in Bitcoin)P2P Services on Bitcoin/IMP/Lightning Labs


Coming in 5th – Discord Bot

(twitter) – ($2,000 in Bitcoin)
A discord bot – Command and control of IMP Nodes via Discord Chat


Coming in 4th – Redphone

(twitter) – ($3,000 in Bitcoin)
Creating an end-to-end encrypted, IMP powered telephone for your lightning node. p2p, no server, no middleman. (a fan favorite)


Coming in 3rd – Goss

(twitter) – ($4,000 in Bitcoin)
A p2p gossip chat room, built on Imprevious and the Bitcoin Stack!

Coming in 2nd – Bitswarm

Team – @legrosjunior@asher68w@coolshoeshine2 – ($5,000 in Bitcoin)
Bitswarm provides a marketplace for torrent seeds, incentivized and paid via the Bitcoin Lightning Network!


Taking 1st place – The World Computer

(website) – (twitter) – ($10,000 in Bitcoin)
The Computer – Monetize any service using Lightning! This enables developers worldwide to sell services without a bank account or risk of censorship!

What an incredible event and wonderful display of the capabilities of Lightning. Thanks to Impervious for putting this event on! If you ever have an event where we could help you spin up nodes, sponsor, or service your team, let us know! We love giving back to the Bitcoin and Lightning communities! Keep building!

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