Updated: August 30, 2022

Announcing our Rebrand: Logo Redesign

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Key Takeaways

We're excited to share our new brand identity. We've updated our logo to represent unity across our products and focus on secure and private infrastructure.

Voltage is proud to share the launch of our new brand identity. We launched in October of 2020 with the desire to be the focused industry leader of Bitcoin Infrastructure. Since then we have grown our team and been onboarding users to Lightning. Our focus has been dialed into customer experience allowing brands to build, deploy and scale faster than ever before. Today we want to recommit and better share our story with the world. We are redesigning our branding as our mission laser focuses and intensifies on creating the most secure and private cloud infrastructure available.

Our posture in the marketplace is to focus on Bitcoin exclusively, this is why we found it only appropriate to work with an incredibly well-respected Bitcoin designer, Bitko.  We believe that the design that Bitko had in mind was a perfect reflection of our modern design style and was representative of the Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies that we all know and love.

We believe that in order to achieve global adoption of Bitcoin, there will need to be an unfathomable amount of nodes, and we are building daily to serve in the easiest and most simple way possible. This allows brands to leave the technical maintenance, backups, redundancies, API’s, and Webhooks to us. Your job is simple and straightforward. You run your company, and we take care of the complexities of node operation. Our logo is a direct reflection of this mission. A simple design, with an enterprise-ready backbone tech stack and team by your side every step of the way.

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