Updated: September 25, 2023

ChangeLog 09/2023

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Key Takeaways

Surge: v1.x.x Update 2023-09-25


  • Removed particular calculations for determining unconfirmed on-chain balance. If LND reports the unconfirmed balance as 0, we report 0 as well.
  • For a spontaneous payment (amp or keysend), LND does not provide an immediate field indicating which pubkey being paid to. It is now derived from the HTLC on success or a specific failure.


  • Ability to easily clear the Search Bar on the Activity Page.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing issues with loading more items on lists than intended.
  • When you sort your peer’s list by Alias, it will use expected alphanumeric ordering (69420Node, alpha, beta, Charlie, Delta).
  • Keysend payments were erroneously marked as bolt11; we now properly identify and mark them as keysends.
  • When you receive a keysend, an invoice is generated and immediately settled. We fixed a race condition bug so the invoice status will be properly reflected.
  • The toggle to disable or enable email alerting has been adjusted to work correctly.
  • Fixed bug where the user saw an inaccurate representation of who initiated the channel open.

View the update in our Docs Here, as well as past change logs.

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