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How to start Bitcoin Crowdfunding

BTCPay Server

Current events have led to a desire for Bitcoin crowdfunding. When governments overstep and threaten to take away your hard-earned capital and assets, people take notice.

Most of you have heard of HonkHonk Hodl’s Tallycoin crowdfunding campaign in response to Gofundme canceling the funds meant to go to Canadian truckers.

This has led to a desire and demand for more ways to crowdfund with Bitcoin. Our friends at Swan Bitcoin talked about starting a Lightning Crowdfunding platform too.

Our support engineer Nate responded and shared how this is already possible with Voltage and BTCPay Server. Which was greeted with a great response.

A few quick things you should know as well below. There are no middlemen, no permission required. Our support engineer Nate is here to help anyone who needs assistance in creating this for their crowdfunding needs.

Bitcoin is a tool made for times like this. Free open-source software allows users to build and create solutions for modern needs.

If anyone needs any support please reach out. We created an easy breakdown on how you can start Bitcoin crowdfunding with Voltage and BTCPay Server in the video below!