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How to accept Bitcoin Payments on Shopify

BTCPay Server

If you want to start accepting Bitcoin payments on Shopify, we have a product that will get you started in no time. We reduce the complexity of needing to set up your servers, upgrades, backups, and networking.  Let’s dive in:

Step 1: Create your store here

Step 2: Generate Your Bitcoin Wallet: *back up your private keys

Step 3: Connect BTCPay Server to your Voltage Node

Step 4: Accept payments and manage from your dashboard

We make registration easy by taking you 1 step at a time and guiding you through everything you need to create your store wallet and node. Once set up on Voltage, our friends at BTC Pay Server give a wonderfully detailed breakdown of how to integrate BTCPayer Server into your Shopify store, you can find that here.

Your store is also completely configurable so that you can design it how you would like. With integrations and webhooks you have the ability to tailor the experience as you see fit. You can also upload your own logo and CSS to style your payment pages how you like.

It really is that easy! Start a 7-day free trial to test, and reach out to our support with any questions you have.

Connect with us on Discord. ⚡



How to accept Bitcoin Payments on Shopify blog

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