Updated: March 28, 2022

Lightning Node Observability w/ @BitcoinCoderBob

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Key Takeaways

@BitcoinCoderBob brings tremendous value in El Salvador at Adopting Bitcoin. Tune in.

At Adopting Bitcoin in El Salvador, @BitcoinCoderBob, a back-end engineer here Voltage was able to add some value and share some interesting and insightful takes on running a Lightning Node.

Bob discusses a future where we will have larger entities, businesses, and groups that represent communities running a Lightning Node. Bob makes a compelling case as to why running a good Lightning Node is like running a good business.

Bob breaks down the importance of maximum uptime, minimum network usage, reducing hardware strain, and making sure liquidity is suited to the needs of yourself and others. Other topics include having quality and useful peers, and how to set appropriate routing fees.

You may wonder how to achieve this successfully. One important way to measure success is capturing data and making a detailed analysis over time. Then making adjustments accordingly.

There are some incredible tools available that are implementation agnostic. These tools give you access to reporting regardless of your preferred implementation.

Some Key Topics Covered:

Do I need multiple nodes?

  • Resource constraints, redundancy, geographic advantages for latency

What do OS level metrics tell me?

  • Is my node’s performance hindered by storage limits, network speed, or its software current?

What can channel metrics reveal for me?

  • Payments sizing, frequency, and pattern recognition

Liquidity metrics

  • Where capital is allocated and how is is yielding returns

“Know Your Customer” (incoming transactions, peer selection, accountability)

  • You’re only as good as who you selected as peers

Metrics – good insights require time & good data

  • Every business makes data driven decisions, lightning nodes are no different

Bob concludes with some Q&A as well. Enjoy the video for a longer form breakdown.

About Bob: When Bob is not coding, he enjoys spreading the adoption of Bitcoin through code, guides, and his meme work. GG Bob.

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