Nostr Toolkit

Create your own NIP05 username, Get Zaps to your OWN lightning node and use your NIP05 as a Lightning Address!

Start for Free

End reliance on custodial wallets

NIP05 Support

Get your own username on the domain. No more copying and pasting npubs.

Non-custodial ZAPS

You heard that right, start receiving zaps directly to your own lightning node. Use your own node outside of Voltage, or spin up a node with us.

Lightning Address

You can now have a lightning address on your own node!

Making Nostr Easier

No NIP05 / LN Address

If you love complexity, you will love not using NIP05 or a lightning address

Confusing npub

No one will remember an npub which makes it challenging to tag and communicate with others.

Custodial Zaps

Currently, 95% ~ of zaps go to custodial wallets which introduce counterparty risk.


Using long character strings for unique invoices.

Using Voltage

Create a better Nostr experience for yourself and your follows

NIP05 Domain

Create your own username on the domain.

Non-custodial Zaps

Receive zaps to your own node! Do not rely on centralized 3rd parties.

Lightning Address

Use your NIP05 address as a lightning address.