HRF x Voltage

The Human Rights Foundation and Voltage are proud to partner together on an initiative to help dissidents and NGOs accept Bitcoin donations more quickly, easily, and safely.

Breakdown of Voltage

The lightning node you run on Voltage is your own non-custodial node, just as if running it on a local machine. Voltage is the infrastructure and liquidity provider and does not have access to your funds, channels, or control over any aspect. This is because of our unique way of encrypting the node instances with a client-side password that we do not store and cannot change. Due to this, there is an element of responsibility on the Voltage user to not lose their node password. However, with this small trade-off, you are granted access to no-KYC, global, and censorship-resistant transactions, exactly how bitcoin was meant to be used. By choosing Voltage, you get the best aspects of bitcoin minus the headaches of running your hardware.

Fully covered LN node + BTCPayServer on Voltage

  • Unlimited crowdfunds, stores, and commerce integrations via BTCPayServer
  • Voltage does not have access to your lightning node. Your Voltage instance is encrypted with a password that Voltage cannot access. We cannot censor transactions or seize funds.
  • One on One guidance and advice if needed.
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