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Fast and easy LSP. Get access to the network automatically with instant liquidity.

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Your Instant LSP

Access to inbound and outbound Lightning Network liquidity is easier than ever before with our simple dashboard and API. Accessible to every user.

Automatic Channels

With our Just In Time LSP, we can watch for payments, detect when channels are needed, and open get inbound lightning liquidity, instantly.

Purchase Channels

With a few quick commands, you can get access to some of the most reliable liquidity from top-tier nodes on the Lightning Network.

Ultimate Freedom

Get capacity without locking up personal funds. Bootstrap new products or services. Rewards channels at onboarding. Bulk orders.

Privacy Focused

Keep your onchain footprint private. Use our UTXOs to open channels, not your own.

Benefits of Flow LSP

By utilizing Flow, there's endless possibilities. You're able to easily create lightning channels for your own lightning node, for a friend's node, or your customers' nodes! The Just In Time LSP that meets nearly any demand.

Dual Funded Channels

You have the ability to create a lightning channel with funds on both sides. Start receiving AND sending quickly.

Zero Maintenance

Get all the benefits of an LSP marketplace without the headache of interacting with it. No more account creations and renewals. Just use what you want.

Unlimited Lightning Channels

When signing up for a Corporate Account, you're able to create an unlimited number of lightning channels and pay a single invoice at the end of the month.

Per Order Flat Rate Pricing

Corporate Accounts

Create unlimited lightning channels and receive 1 invoice at the end of the month.

  • Easy to use API and Dashboard

  • Unlimited Order Creation

  • Quickly Onboard Your Customers

  • Pay with Bitcoin or Credit Card

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Inline Fees per Order

Single order for a channel. Open a lightning channel to any node on the network.

  • Easy to use API and Dashboard

  • Pay with Bitcoin

  • Single order paid upfront

  • Unlimited Channels

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Do you support automated liquidity management?

Yes! our JIT Flow LSP has the ability to automatically detect payments and open up channels on demand. This drastically simplifies the complexity of liquidity management into a single API. You don’t have to worry about your channels anymore.

How does JIT Flow work?

Just In Time Flow works by a user submitting an invoice to our API. We return a wrapped invoice that contains the same preimage hash of the original invoice. When a payment is sent to the invoice, we can detect it and decide what kind of liquidity decisions need to be made. This is a seamless and noncustodial payment experience.