Updated: August 4, 2023

TABConf 2022 Recap by Nate

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Key Takeaways

The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference (also known as TABconf) is a technical focused conference centered around the builders of Bitcoin.

The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference (also known as TABconf) is a technical focused conference centered around the builders of Bitcoin. Voltage was very happy to be the main sponsor of this year’s TABconf because we value the individuals and teams working hard behind the scenes to enhance Bitcoin and the projects that use it in some way. Over half of the Voltage team was in attendance. 

What makes TABConf special is that it focuses on education and building above all else. This conference is broken up into multiple stages called villages. These villages all have a different focus. For example, there is the Socratic village focused on audience participation and education. There was also the NextGEN village, which focused on hands-on projects and concepts for all ages. Events such as 3D printing workshops and Niftynei’s famous bitcoin LARP were held here. There was also the plebdev village and the main stage. As you can imagine, each attendee had to prioritize what events they wanted to attend, but that was also part of the fun.

Before the main conference, there was a builder day and a workshop day. These days focused on learning from the experts on various projects in the bitcoin space. This was a lot of fun. Not only did Voltage have a workshop that taught developers how to use LNBITS to have their lightning nodes interact with web apps, but there were also workshops involving other great projects. Some highlights from the Workshop day include the ZKP workshop and the Nostr workshop. 

For the conference days, we really enjoyed the LNSploit workshop, Matt Corallo’s talk on the flaws of the Lightning Network, and the bitcoin LARP. The events around the conference were also great. The lounge area run by the Zebedee team was amazing. Games could be played to earn sats, there were plenty of drinks, and a great vibe was the perfect way to relax in between talks or workshops. Shout out as well to Elly and Asher Pembroke for a really great NextGEN village for the kids of Bitcoin as well. TABConf is as technical or as basic as you want it to be, which is one of the most amazing things about it compared to the myriad of other bitcoin conferences.

There was a bitcoin scavenger hunt as well this year, and like last year it all began with a TXID that led to an OP_RETURN that led to electrum seed phrases and kept going. The winners received about 7 million sats from finding the solution and cracking the 3-4 multi-sig. 

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