Updated: March 28, 2022

Voltage v0.2.3 and LND 0.12.0

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Key Takeaways

Both Voltage and LND have some fresh updates. We'll go through all the details on both releases and what that means for your nodes.

This year has started off relatively quiet for us, but that’s not to say there isn’t a ton of stuff going on at Voltage. We’ve been working diligently to create the groundwork for a lot of really exciting features and products. This year is going to be massive for the both the Lightning Network and Voltage and we can’t wait to share our ideas. To start 2021 off right, we’re releasing big improvments to both Voltage and LND.


There is a huge list of updates for us on our backend infrastructure including bug fixes and resiliency enhancements. However there’s also many additions that will allow our users to get even more out of Voltage.

LND 0.12.0

In this release we’re bringing LND 0.12.0 to the Voltage platform. There’s a lot of great features and fixes in the new LND version. To hear it from the horse’s mouth check out the release notes. The list is large, but some things we’re excited about are the automated database compaction, stateless initilazation, PSBT support, and lncli profiles.


We’re adding in more settings to increase the flexibility of our nodes. With this release you can now set the Minimum Channel Size, Maximum Channel Size, and Default Fee Rate as well as turning the new Auto-compaction feature on or off. This will give users greater control over their node’s and easily allow them to run a compaction automatically. There’s more settings to come in the future!


In this release we’ve added several more webhook events. Previously we would notify you when your node was ready to be unlocked. Now we added an event when your node is waiting for initialization and when your node is stopped. We also added an event for when your TLS certificate is about to expire and when we encounter errors on the node that require action. These webhooks make node management really nice and easy. If you haven’t already setup automated unlocking, we highly recommend it.

Documentation Site

We created a new documentation site! This site will outline how to use the platform and will answer a lot of questions. We’ll be updating it as well go, but we’ve added details on our webhooks, TLS certificate, and moved our FAQ there. If you have any questions or want to see more information on the docs site let us know.

We’re excited for this release of Voltage and LND. If you haven’t already, go update your node to get the latest Lightning goodness. You can update your node in a single click from the Voltage Dashboard. Watch how easy it is:

If you aren’t already running on Voltage, go create your node for free and try out the platform. Keep your eyes out for more updates. There’s a lot more to come. Connect with us on our Discord group.

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