Updated: May 31, 2024

ThunderHub Now Available

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Key Takeaways

We're bringing one of the best node management tools into our platform. Now you can deploy your own ThunderHub dashboard with a couple clicks.

We’re very happy to announce one of our most requested features, dashboards! Starting today, users are able to deploy a ThunderHub instance for their nodes at no additional cost. This is another leap forward in making Lightning even easier to use. Now you can send, receive, and manage your node without ever leaving the Voltage platform.

ThunderHub is one of the best node management tools out there. Through their beautiful UI you can send and receive payments, balance channels, run reports, and so much more. By combining easy node deployments with this great application, users are able to use Lightning without ever having to touch a command line or download an app. Running a node is becoming effortless.

You can create your ThunderHub dashboard by going to your node’s control panel. There will be a new button labeled ‘Dashboards’. Once you click the Dashboards button, there will be a modal to select what type of dashboard you want (currently we only support ThunderHub). Select your dashboard type and click ‘Create Dashboard’. After about 45 seconds, you will be able to click the ‘Open Dashboard’ button and a dedicated ThunderHub instance will be presented. To login, you simply use the same password you used for your node.

These dashboards are ephemeral which means they will get deleted if they sit idle for 30 minutes and have a max life of 3 hours. You can only have 1 dashboard running at a time, but you can create them as many times as you’d like. The dashboards also have the same IP restrictions that are assigned to your node, so no one can access them besides you.

We’re really excited to bring ThunderHub into the Voltage platform and we want to thank the ThunderHub team for their help making it possible. You can give the platform a test drive today with our 7 day free trial. If you have additional questions or comments please email support@getvoltage.io or join our Telegram group. You can also find ThunderHub support in their own Discord group.

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