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We’re Moving! Well, domains that is…

Voltage is getting a new home. We’re consolidating all applications and services under the domain This won’t have any impact on our services besides a redirect to the new domain. Along with this shift, we’ve updated our Twitter handle to @voltage_cloud. Same great service, but new location.

List of example updates:

  •                    >
  •                   >
  •   >
  • @getvoltage                    > @voltage_cloud
  •           >
  •         >

There will be some services that will take a little longer to migrate over. For example, our node API Endpoints ( and our BTCPay Servers ( will stay the same. We will handle those individually and send out updates when the time comes.

As always, if you have any questions you can email us or chat in our Discord group. Now that we got some housekeeping taking care of, we can get back to shipping cool stuff. Stay tuned for awesome updates to come. Thanks!