Updated: May 31, 2024

Introducing the Voltage API

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Key Takeaways

The Voltage API is finally here. Now you can programmatically manage thousands of nodes or connect Voltage into your existing systems. Get started with the Voltage API today!

We are excited to finally announce a very requested feature, our public API. We’ve been testing this out with some select customers and today we are opening it up to everyone. Through our API you are able to do everything you could via our dashboard. This includes creating, stopping, starting, upgrading, and connecting to your nodes. The best Lightning Network platform just got even easier to use.

By leveraging the Voltage API, you can now easily manage large amounts of nodes or connect Voltage with your existing processes. If you want to deploy fleets of thousands of nodes, the API is perfect for it. Want to easily spin up nodes as part of your development or testing process, you got it. This API opens up even more possibilities and an easier Lightning integration.

Creating your API Key

To start leveraging the Voltage API you must first generate an API Key to use for authentication. This can be done in your Voltage dashboard under Settings. There is now a new section called ‘API Keys’. You can click the Manage button on the right to view your existing keys and generate a new one. To create a new key click Create a New Key.

Be sure to copy your API Key to a safe place. You will never be able to view it after creation.

Using your API Key

To use your API Key for authentication when making requests we expect it to be in the X-VOLTAGE-AUTH header. This is required for all requests. Here’s an example curl command:

curl -H 'X-VOLTAGE-AUTH: vcsn-619YNWcw...' \

To learn more about Authentication you can read our documentation.

You can find our documentation about how to use the API on our documentation site, https://docs.voltage.cloud. We also have the API schema available at https://api-docs.voltage.cloud. If you have any questions or comments either email us at support@voltage.cloud or join us in Discord. Let’s build on Lightning together.

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