Updated: August 4, 2023

FOSS Friday #7: Update

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Key Takeaways

Open source is an essential piece of Bitcoin. Our bitcoin-focused team loves open-source, and we want to give back to the open-source realm. So, every other Friday, the Voltage crew spends the day working on whatever open source projects they choose, as our CEO Graham explained in an earlier blog post.

Here’s what everyone worked on this week!

Engineer Sam worked on the Python grpc library for LND that he currently maintains. He refactored and split up the library based on lnd subsystems to make the library more maintainable, and upgraded it to LND version 0.15.0, the most recent version of the project.

VP of Engineering Justin opened a PR to support certificate chains into the tonic lnd library, a rust client for lnd. The PR has since been merged! This can be used in the channel watcher system he’s working on, which can be used for sending alerts when a node’s channel dips below a certain threshold of satoshis in the channels going towards another node. 

Engineer Alex, looked through “good first issues” for the project Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK), which provides tools for building Bitcoin wallets in Rust. He found an issue with a test, where it hangs forever. He’s currently looking into the issue.

VP of Marketing, Bobby started reading Bitcoin Clarity by Kiara Bickers, which he noted has some great visual technical explanations of how Bitcoin works.

Stay tuned as we take part in FOSS Friday’s every 2 weeks. Cheers.

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