Updated: June 20, 2023

Surge v1.0.0 Major update

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Key Takeaways

Surge: v1.0.0 | Major Update 2023-06-20

This version introduces outgoing payment management on top of the previously released invoice management,
and fully opens Surge up to Voltage customers

- replaced all graphs with d3 variants
- some graphs were modified to support stale states

- outgoing payments dashboard
- outgoing fees chart
- top peers for sending payments chart
- search for out
- detailed payment view, journey's support
- deterministic testing of data-store

- fixed node uptime chart for accuracy, and show moments where agent was disconnected but node may be online
- erroneous node downtime messages bug
- occasional negative channel count in channel status graph bug
- esplora issues stemming from recent network demands
- unknown txs stemmings from txs not broadcast from lnd, but presenting in Surge
- many, many more bug fixes and improvements

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