Updated: March 28, 2022

Start accepting Bitcoin today: BTCPay and its many use cases

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Key Takeaways

We brought BTCPay Server to Voltage a few weeks ago, empowering anyone to start accepting Bitcoin easier than ever before. Let’s take a look at the seemingly endless ways BTCPay is already used today.

In early March we brought BTCPay Server to Voltage. This union enables business owners, developers, individuals, or anyone deploying BTCPay to accept Bitcoin both on-chain and on the Lightning Network instantly.

From our dashboard you’re able to automatically create your store, Bitcoin wallet, and connect your personal Voltage Lightning node. With a streamlined set-up time and fast onboarding, it’s never been easier to start accepting Bitcoin!

Why should you think about integrating BTCPay Server?

For starters, there are no payment processing fees. By cutting out the middleman, you essentially become the bank. Payments are sent directly from a paying customer to your wallet with no intermediary interference.  BTCPay enables the customer-vendor transactional process to become fast, simple, and painless.

So who uses BTCPay?

  • E-commerce and online stores integrate BTCPay to accept Bitcoin payments from customers
  • Brick & Mortar businesses with physical stores can use the Point of Sale app to accept payments in real time
  • Charities accept donations from donors via BTCPay
  • Content creators use it to accept tips & payments from fans and followers
  • Developers integrate it into a variety of different use cases when working on different projects

Let’s look at some companies currently using BTCPay

Bitcoin Live

Bitcoin Live provides resources to help individuals take their crypto trading to the next level.  They provide live events, real time trade alerts, and insider secrets and tips to customers.


Coin Cards was built for the Canadian market, and allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies for a card of their choosing.  They are the one stop card shop, offering a massive selection of gift cards along with prepaid Visa and Mastercards.


Cheap Air is known to be the first travel agency to accept Bitcoin.  They have been offering some of the cheapest international flights out there since 1989.


This French based company offers a wide variety of gadgets, from mobile phones, to cameras headphones and a lot more.


JoltFun allows you to purchase games with Bitcoin, and has over 1,000 titles from major names like Rockstar, Origin, and Xbox live.

Many larger corporations have also made it clear that accepting payments in Bitcoin will be a part of their future. Giants such as Twitch, Etsy, Rakuten, Whole Foods, Paypal, and Starbucks either already accept payments made in Bitcoin, or have publicly stated that they plan to in the near future.

No matter what you do, it’s never been easier and more affordable to start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment from your customers. Try it out today and get your first 7 days for free.

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