To advance sound money through easy-to-use infrastructure, tools, and solutions.

Who we are:

Voltage empowers engineering teams with Bitcoin-centric infrastructure that enables enterprise-grade experiences. By leveraging Voltage you receive the fastest and most scalable Lightning solution that meets the highest security and privacy standards. With modern modular tools and processes, you can build, deploy, and scale faster than ever. Voltage brings a suite of node, liquidity, and data services to the market that elevates your value proposition through Lightning Network architecture.

Why choose Voltage?

Voltage focuses exclusively on Bitcoin. We have brought developer-focused non-custodial solutions to market that allow you to iterate and build the way you need. By concentrating on non-custodial solutions we elevate your value proposition for internal and external stakeholders. Engineers and team members get more control and full access to what Bitcoin and Lightning offer and your customers have the autonomy to use Bitcoin in a more robust way.

Our Values

  • We believe in financial empowerment – We embrace the challenge of improving financial infrastructure. Our ability to create a better world starts with facilitating the ability to build for this future.
  • We believe in privacy & personal ownership – We believe that everyone deserves to have their natural right to privacy preserved. Our team builds for the better future that we want to see. Our infrastructure is built to help preserve and protect consumers’ personal data.
  • We believe in non-custodial solutions – We intentionally build for the end user. By crafting our tools and solutions in a non-custodial way, engineers can maximize the capabilities of Bitcoin while empowering their users with the autonomy to transact how they like.
  • We believe in supporting open source – Open source software allows anyone to inspect, modify or enhance the code as it is publicly accessible. Our organization is committed to supporting and further advancing Open source initiatives.