The Problem

Podcasters historically have had two things to overcome. Monetization and distribution. The Lightning Network solves the monetization problem and allows content creators to no longer fully rely on sponsorships.

Did you know that Anchor takes 30% of podcaster’s ad revenues? Lightning facilitates the ability for P2P payments with no middlemen.

P2P Payments

The distribution has also improved with Lightning. Content creators can take content live themselves with no corporation censoring what they can or can not say.


Podcasts are the home of shilling products and services. We have all heard the ads at the beginning, midway, and end of a piece of our favorite podcast. These ads incentivize podcasters to be long-winded and over the top.

The pain of advertisement

With the Lightning Network, content creators are now encouraged to create the highest quality content because their listeners are paying them directly. If a podcast is not adding value, the listener will stop streaming sats!

Serving the listeners

If you are a content creator or avid podcast listener your support of the Lightning Network will help create a stronger economy for individuals and small businesses.