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Voltage offers enterprise-grade infrastructure services for Bitcoin.
Build, deploy, and scale faster with Voltage.

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We make it easy to use Bitcoin in any project. With our dedicated nodes you'll be able to get up to speed in minutes and scale as you grow. All under your control through our simple dashboard.

Lightning Nodes

Start using Lightning faster than ever.

Quick and easy onboarding.

Dedicated nodes made just for you.

Sensitive files are encrypted to your password client-side.

Adjust your settings exactly how you want them.

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Bitcoin Nodes

Integrate Bitcoin with your applications

Nodes made for your use case.

Monitoring and event notificiations.

Dedicated RPC endpoint with IP Whitelisting.

No shared resources or metered API calls.

Mainnet and Testnet support.

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BTCPay Server

Start accepting Bitcoin payments in minutes

No transaction fees and payments go straight to you.

We handle the servers and the upgrades.

Easily hook up both on-chain and Lightning payment methods.

Customize your store exactly how you want it.

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Effortlessly create Lightning channels

Purchase channels directly from other users, no central node.

No Setup or Maintenance

Inbound & Outbound Capacity

Create channels for your users

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Using Bitcoin has never been easier. Build, deploy, and scale faster with the Voltage platform.

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